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Turn Key Construction

Turn-Key Construction

The words Turn-Key Construction is synonymous with in the Architectural and Construction fields. Companies in the above-mentioned fields may suggest a complete Turn-Key option it is important to understand what the term means.

From an architectural point of view, a Turn-Key package is all inclusive from the design process, through the construction to the final detailing and to the hand over to the client. It ensures that the build goes according to plan and the contractor comply with the design of the architect as approved by the client.

Should a client specify that they would like a Turn-Key construction package from the architects, then it will be the architect’s duty to oversee the entire project from start to finish. The architect will be working hand in hand with the construction team as well as the client to ensure that the completed product meets the expectations of the client and is accurate to the plans. This includes finding and overseeing the most capable subcontractors and specialists and ensuring that their work is carried out to the highest possible standard. Using and meeting agreed upon deadlines helps the project run smoothly and ensures that the completion date is met as closely as possible.

The advantage of the architect’s constant involvement leaves little to no room for contractors and subcontractors to make any assumptions when it comes to building from the plans. The architect will be available to clarify and resolve any complications that may occur on site. The regular presence of the architect on the site also ensures that there is minimal reworking of any part of the build which in turn means less wastage of materials, labour and most importantly; of the budget.

Another great advantage for the client is the ongoing contact with the architect. This gives the client the opportunity to request changes and alterations to their plans once they begin to see their building turning into reality. Although any changes are charged for it makes it easier for the client and architect to make any alterations, because of their presence in the entire process.

Once the build is complete the architect will, together with the contractor and the client, inspect and scrutinize every aspect of the build and will arrange for any issues to be resolved to ensure that the building is at its highest possible standard when it comes to the hand-over.

Kevin Els architects has completed several Turn-Key projects with great outcomes. Most recent is House Els-Nicolle in Bryanston, Johannesburg. The clients had a specific brief and had requested several changes during the build. You can read all about this magnificent home here (, as well as view photos from the planning phase all the way to the completed house here ( ).


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