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Open-plan Fundamentals

The owners of this home had moved for times over the previous eight years, before finally being able to build their dream home, and all the moves collectively inspired the style and decor of this home.

From an exterior perspective, the property provides the perfect example of what is achieved through the close collaboration between the client, architect and builder, who together fine-tuned the design for maximised utilisation of space at all levels, resulting in a home with an easy flow and brilliant finishes.

Award-winning company, Ivecon Projects was responsible for the construction of this impressive residence.

In 2012, the company won the “Best Built Home” award and ultimately walked away with the “Greenest Built Home” accolade as well for its Waterfall Estate show house. As testimony to the company’s cutting-edge expertise, this home was built using the light gauge steel frame methodology (LGSF), which is currently employed as the standard building practice all over Europe and Australasia, due to its eco properties.

Of this building method, architect, Kevin Els from Kevin Els Architects, explains that “steel-framed homes are often considered rather predictable”, adding that with this home, he wanted to “prove” that this is a misconception. “As one can see in the dynamics of the space, the flexibility of this material allows for a treatment and finish with tremendous potential to push the envelope of construction methods in home design,” he states.

In keeping with the “green” movement, apart from its LGSF structure, the home has other features, which take the environment into consideration. “The external wall is made from high-density EPS polystyrene, with specialised insulation placed within the steel framework. This turns the home into a well-insulated ‘cooler box’, which, when cooled or heated, maintains temperature much longer than traditional buildings,” explains Sven Iversen from Ivecon.

A highlight feature of the home is the double-volume ground level, which is open-plan and invites natural elements into the space through stylish stone-clad walls. Kevin explains that he tried to create privacy here without using surrounding walls, which can appear confining. So, instead, he used two seperate stone-clad walls, which really impressed the owners.

The open-plan lounge, central to the designer kitchen and dining areas, is the owners’ favourite area. From here, views of the garden can also be enjoyed; and due to its proximity to a beautiful water feature, which holds a special spiritual significance for the family, this is where they spend most of their time.

When it came to the interior, the owners did not use an interior designer, as they wanted it to be an immediate reflection of their family’s diverse tastes and personalities. Warisan Africa, an international company with its headquarters in Indonesia, supplied some of the custom- made furniture.