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Commercial Architect in SA

Finding the Best Commercial Architects in SA? Here’s What to Know

In a rapidly growing economy like South Africa, the best way to keep pace is to own top-notch commercial property with commercial architectural designs to stand out from competitors. All you need to do is partner with the top commercial architecture firms to build classical or contemporary commercial architecture. 

In today’s blog, we will explore how to find the best architects in South Africa and understand how they work to ensure that it aligns with your needs. Read on.

Best Architects in South Africa

How to Find the Right Commercial Architects for Your Architecture Needs?

First, determine what type of architecture firm you need before diving into researching specific capabilities. For instance, if you need to build contemporary architecture for your hotels, you need to work with professional hospitality architecture firms. On the other hand, when you need to make alterations and additions to your commercial setup, hiring a top commercial architect in South Africa is a better decision. Make sure you consider the scope and specific requirements, so they align with the services the architecture firm provides.

Now, once you complete this first step, continue the following ones:

Portfolio analysis:

Well, it’s the most crucial step when it comes to selecting a commercial architecture firm. You can get a clear picture of their capabilities through glimpses of previous projects while understanding how they cope with challenges during large-scale projects. Just make sure they have experience working on projects similar to yours.

Checking compatibility:

When searching for a ‘Commercial Architect in South Africa’ in the search engine, you may have plenty of options. So, narrowing them down is crucial. Check compatibility by comparing their expertise with your project’s needs, and ensure that they have a proven track record of successful projects.

Communication and collaboration styles:

A successful project depends on effective collaboration and communication. So, it’s always worth choosing an architecture firm with a transparent communication style, whether for initial consultations or sharing ideas for the architecture designs. In fact, the architects should be collaborative enough to work closely with other professionals involved in the project, including project managers, engineers, landscape architects, quantity surveyors, etc.

Client testimonials and reviews:

Even beyond portfolio and compatibility, observing testimonials and reviews of previous clients can provide a clear assessment of the architecture firm’s client satisfaction, punctuality, and reliability. You can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

Commercial Architecture Firm: Behind the Scenes

Once you have selected the commercial architects you would like to work with for your next project, understand how they work. 

For instance, if you work with us, Kevin Els Architects, one of the most well-known commercial and residential architecture firms in South Africa, knowing what’s going on behind the scenes will surely help you determine whether our working process will align with project needs and preferences. Let’s discuss it in brief:

  • After undertaking a project, Kevin Els and his team start the project with a meeting with a client, discussing the design requirements and preferences.
  • In the next step, we present a preliminary proposal after the meeting and site audit. If the client agrees, our design team will provide detailed plans with specifications, schedules, and budgets. 
  • Next, Kevin Els designs and develops blueprints, collaborating with the design team. It involves detailed models and drawings based on the scale and size of the project. We offer inspiring classical and contemporary designs as per our client’s needs and implement innovation to create exquisite and exceptional architecture.

However, if mentioned beyond blueprints, Kevin Els can also assist with interior decor and finishes while recommending professional third parties, including landscape architects, project managers, engineers, surveyors, etc., to ensure supervision and assistance throughout the project. 

To learn more about how we work, contact us today!