About Us

Kevin Els Architects are specialists in property development / commercial / residential / hospitality located in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Kevin Els devotes a significant amount of his energy and resources to ensure responsible architectural development within the context of the changing social and environmental needs.

Kevin Els implements innovation through design and technology with projects spanning globally including exquisite structures in South Africa. Kevin’s architectural solutions offer inspiring contemporary and classical architecture to meet individual client’s needs.

Kevin Els, Architect

Kevin Els is a professional architect and established his practice in 1988. He brings extensive experience in design, implementation and creativity. His application of practical as well as technical aspects provide exceptional end results. Kevin specializes in residential, corporate, industrial as well as healthcare architecture.

Kevin values the team approach and ethos with his clients, “There is great reward in nurturing client relationships while placing emphasis on creativity and consideration to our environment within the design”.

Kevin and his architectural designs have been showcased in numerous television features and high-end luxury magazines, where his avant-garde designs are well-regarded.

Kevin Els Architects Design Studio